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A Pioneer In The Technical Development Of Cast Steel Abrasives.

Ervin was founded in 1920.

John Ervin received a BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois and worked at John Deere in East Moline before moving to Michigan where he purchased a foundry. There he developed the patent on Metallic Blasting Materials and spent the rest of his career continuing to innovate and improve the performance of metal particles. As a result, Ervin has become the World leader in the Blast Cleaning, Shot Peening and Advanced Metal Powders.

Mr. Ervin’s formula for success was simple, Quality Matters, know your customers, develop products for changing markets and continue to improve and innovate.

Mr. Ervin’s pioneering efforts in blast cleaning materials has led to new technologies, process techniques and applications….discoveries that have forever changed the metal abrasives industry. The consistent performance of his high quality products has set the standard for all future advancements.

The world has changed a great deal from Mr. Ervin’s day and so has the company he founded. However, the same creative intelligence, the discipline of manufacturing and the commitment to every customers need, has remained at the core of everything we do.

Ervin Industries is proud to be recognized as a quality benchmark for Cast Steel and Cast Stainless Steel abrasives.

Application Support Is Available

Each Application has unique challenges ...

... and using the right media for the right process provides the optimal efficiency.

Ervin has a vast network of Application Professionals that work on-site and teach the methods of steel shot and grit conservation, machine efficiency and blast cleaning techniques to help improve output and reduce costs.

Using AMASTEEL and AMACAST products often times results in a 20% reduction in abrasive consumption and improved output.

Steel Shot and Grit Media Blasting


At Ervin Industries, we use innovative products and services to make exceptionally durable steel shot and grit that delivers repeatable, consistent performance. Our work ethic and company history are a testament to the heights your company can achieve when you partner with us.


The World Standard For Quality

In today’s highly competitive market, Quality Matters.

Ervin AMASTEEL excels in many demanding environments because it is engineered for durability (life) and Impact Energy (work). These are the two most important features of metallic abrasives for value and performance.

Why? Because it makes a difference in your operational costs year in and year out. AMASTEEL products are very consistent in size, shape, hardness & chemistry. These features allow AMASTEEL to be the most economical by cleaning faster, having exceptional endurance with very dependable surface finishes.

We encourage our customers to visit us to conduct on-site audits and tours of our operating facilities to see our quality methods and capabilities. This allows us to demonstrate what we do and why.

Ervin has developed processes that go directly to the customer’s bottom line and AMASTEEL and AMACAST will always represent the highest quality standards in the world.

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